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Updates January 2017

09-Jan-2017 | Categories:

New albums;

Amateur guys selling on eBay




mjbsports (...)


04-Dec-2016 | Categories:

Hacked off big time! :: August 2014

20-Aug-2014 | Categories:

Hackers brought us to our knees

For all of you returning visitors that are wondering why the site looks a bit different, well - it would seem we were hacked! The site became 'well-hung' and the photo galleries failed to load. It was embarassing!

...but we're back

It took us a day, but thankfully we are back online. In a sense it has done as a favour as, although we were growing in popularity with over 200 hits every day, the site was a year and a half old. So we (...)

Populating the gallery : February 2013

19-Feb-2013 | Categories:

February 2013

We begin to populate the gallery starting with a few of our own photos, then moving to the collection of pictures of amateur guys we had captured from the older auction and advert sites like UsedFetish and GayBids. All photos were tagged to make them easier to find... this also made it easier to spot duplicates!

We then added some more personal pics and continued to expand the galleries of web-sourced images such as Trackies, (...)

Building this site : January 2013

31-Jan-2013 | Categories:


After assessing numerous photography gallery applications (Gallery3, Coppermine and Piwigo to name but a few) we settled on ZenPhoto to drive our bulge gallery. It was a close run thing and although Piwigo deserves a mention as a worthy 'runner up', Zen Photo seemed that bit more 'industrial' and able to cope with the demands of a large collection.

Both (...)