A guest blog entry from Snoozled.com

04-Jun-2017 | Categories:

Guest blog from Snoozled.com

Our friends Luke and Jay over at Snoozled.com have provided us with a short write-up about their site and the benefits of using it to sell your used gear.

Snoozled_JaysUsedUnderwear2 (...)

Updates January 2017

09-Jan-2017 | Categories:

New albums;

Amateur guys selling on eBay




mjbsports (...)


04-Dec-2016 | Categories:

gymladsjocks album of amateurs added

10-Nov-2016 | Categories:

New used undies sellers album:

Selection of used underwear site images...

'gymladsjocks' website has a range of amateur lads selling their used underwear and sports gear, mostly labourers. We have teamed up with the site owner to bring you an album of some great bulges as these lads pose in their gear. View the album here..>>


Muscle guy added to eBay collection

05-Jul-2016 | Categories:

New ebay album: markybonce

Muscular guy selling trunks, posing pouches, lycra leggings etc...

ebay_markybonce_65'MarkyBonce' may not have been selling on ebay for a (...)

New eBay album added

30-Jun-2016 | Categories:

New ebay album: ddynia

If you like hot amateur scally lads...

eBay_ddynia_001It wasn't long (...)

ebay seller absboy81 added

19-Jun-2016 | Categories:

eBay album: absboy81 is now added.

Fit Swindon lad auctions underwear and swimwear

eBay_absboy81_037We are always on the lookout for amateur guys selling their undies on ebay (...)

Pants album updated

14-Feb-2016 | Categories:

Pants album updated - 14-Feb-16


New images added to web images 'It's all Pants' folder...

Take a look here ::It's all pants!

Denim album updated

13-Feb-2016 | Categories:

Denim album updated - 13-Feb-16


New images added to web images 'Denim' folder...

Take a look here ::Wearwolfie's Denim Album

Two years on... he's still bulging'!

04-May-2015 | Categories:

eBay album: defiant_69 is now updated.

Cardiff lad auctions more underwear

ebay_defiant_69_131It has been a couple of years since we first spotted eBay (...)