A guest blog entry from Snoozled.com

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Guest blog from Snoozled.com

Our friends Luke and Jay over at Snoozled.com have provided us with a short write-up about their site and the benefits of using it to sell your used gear.


As it is a source of great amateur guy's underwear photos for our own gallery, we're more than happy to help them get the word out to would be sellers (and buyers). We've also a created an album of just a few of the blokes that can be found bulging in their pants and selling their stuff on Snoozled.com (click on either image above to view the album in our own Gallery)..

What Is Snoozled? Who created it? Why you should start using It to sell your used underwear

There are a ton of websites out there for gay and straight guys to buy and sell used men’s underwear, worn socks, sweaty sneakers and other fetish gear, but what makes Snoozled the best? We’re here to explain how it works, why it works and what you need to do get set up!

What is Snoozled

We like to think of Snoozled as an “online marketplace” for horny and sexy guys from all over the world to buy and sell almost anything. It’s a way to get closer to the men that you see in the videos and photos you jerk off to online. You can literally smell their cock, feet and ass just from buying the used items they have for sale in their shop. It’s also a place to sell new clothes and fetish gear to other like-minded guys.

Read our FAQs: https://www.snoozled.com/faqs/

Who created it?

Like the guys that set up WearWolfie's Gallery, Snoozled was created by a couple of normal guys, Luke and Jay. We came up with our site for one specific reason… to own a piece of the action! We love watching gay porn and live cam sex shows, and we wanted a way for performers, models and amateur stars to sell their undies, toys and cum to the fans who want them. However, we’re happy for people to use Snoozled in whatever way works best for them, and gets them off!

Find out more: https://www.snoozled.com/about-us/

Not only is Snoozled free, but it’s safe and secure too. There’s no registration fee, and we use PayPal for all transactions, so you can keep your identity private. We have men of all types (twinks, bears, black, hairy, smooth) from all over the world using our site, and it’s also super-quick and easy to register and either open a shop and start selling, or buy from other users. You can do it in seconds. The Snoozled admins are always around to help with any problems.

Read more: https://www.snoozled.com/promo/5-reasons-buy-sell-used-underwear-snoozled/

How to get started?

We have two simple guides: How to Sell and How to Buy. These explain everything you need to do to start enjoying Snoozled. And if you have any questions, just reach out to us using the Contact Form or find us on Twitter. If you’re a seller you can start making money today, and if you’re a buyer you can start collecting your stash of used undies now!

There are hot guys in underwear, football socks, jockstraps and gym vests all over WearWolfie.com and other sites like Cam4, Xtube, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram, so why not let them know about Snoozled and get them to sell their gear? Just drop the hashtag #Snoozled and they’ll get the idea…