About us

Who we are:

We are a couple of guys in rural Hampshire, UK.  We have an obsessive passion for seeing blokes' packages in undies, swimwear, lycra etc. We regularly buy quality branded underwear as new styles are released then enjoy ourselves taking photos in it. We then post the photos here and in the USG-Community forum where we are active members; we also regularly contribute to their underwear blog.

Historically a lot of our time was spent seeking out such images online from newsgroups, auction sites etc. As a result we have gathered quite a collection of pictures to collate. Working in the internet/IT industry means we figured the best way to enjoy them was to put an image archive online and keep it as simple as poss.

First and foremost this is simply an archive gallery of our photo collection. We don't intend this to be a place to hook-up or necessarily a place for guys to upload their own photos (though we may include a visitors gallery at some point if demand exists).

Having seen other similar sites we tried to take the best bits and ditch the worst bits. So:

  • no banner ads - at least not right now (or ever if we can help it);
  • no annoying and distracting pop-ups
  • consistently sized images;
  • good quality pictures.


All the photo albums are given fairly obvious names to help group the collections in a logical way and all have a slideshow option so you can view images 'handsfree'... how useful is that?  

More details on how to use the site are givenin our 'Using the gallery' pages.

Future developments

Once this site is up and running we will work towards making it a responsive design - so it can be viewed more easily on tablets and smartphones - we can then  fully enjoy our archive when out and about.

We also have quite a collection of surplus underwear and sports gear. Yes we shifted some of it on eBay a few years ago but got a bit fed up with listings being pulled. Once this gallery is flying we plan to create an eCommerce site to try and sell our collection of sports gear! But one step at a time, this site takes priority for the time being and to be fair, we do have day jobs!