Frequently Asked Questions:

You have a picture of mine! Can you delete it ?

Not a problem and without delay. At some point in the history of time you must have uploaded your pic(s) to a site, user group etc. that was caught in our 'trawling for bulges' net. We are happy to delete it(them) from our site, just drop us a line to let us know which ones.

How do I identify the latest images?

Images uploaded within the last week are marked with a star in the top right. They are automatically placed at the start of an album so will appear from page 1 of the album onwards.

Albums that have had new images added (within the last week) are also marked with a star in the top right corner.  

How do I use the search tool?

The easiest search facility is to use the tags on the main gallery page or beneath an individual image to find other similar images.  You can use the search box in the upper right of any page to combine tag searches separating each tag with a space - so 'blue speedo' will find all images tagged 'blue' AND 'speedo'. Searching 'singlet white' will return all images of white singlets. Have a play, you wont break it (on occasion our database does hiccup depending on traffic, so if you find an undisplayed image box amongst those returned just refresh your screen). 

Tags don't show any results?

Some of the images with the selected tag are unpublished so are not viewable by unregistered users.

The tag cloud shows the total of published and unpublished images; e.g if you click on the 'cum' tag you won't see any results unless you have registered.

When the registration function becomes available then we will add a link to the page to allow you to register.

Some images are watermarked. Why?

The only images we watermark are our own, this is because we took/own the image and want to restrict/deter others from sharing them. All other images were trawled from the 'public domain' and we don't claim any rights to them.

Some images have a star on them, what's that all about?

Any images that have been uploaded in the last 7 days are identified with a small star overlaid in the top right of the thumbnail. Albums that have had updates in the last week are also shown with a star in the top right.

Is there a larger version of an image?

All images are processed to be at least 640 x 480px. Where larger versions exist they can be viewed from the image page (rather than the gallery pages). To access an image page select 'View Image' from the lower left when that image is displayed in the gallery.

Click on the image or 'Go Handsfree' and the slideshow app will automatically display the largest version of the image it can.

Can I upload pictures?

This is a gallery of photos we have collected over many years as part of our obsession with the male bulge in underwear, sportswear etc. It was never really intended as a social sharing style site; plenty of these already exist - see USG-Online or UnderwearFetish for example. If you like to show off and want to send us your pictures to add to a 'Visitors' page, or if you trade on e-bay and want to use our site to show pictures they won't, then by all means drop us a line and we will get back to you asap. 

I love your site! Can you do one for me?

Well anything is possible, web design is part of our day job after all. Get in touch and we will be pleased to talk through your ideas. We don't embarass easy so don't be shy!

Do you take photos?

Hell, yeah! We have quality DSLR equipment, plenty of experience and love capturing close ups of blokey bits. In fact we are often on the look out for models to pose in sports gear. If you want a portfolio of pictures taken in private, without judgement or expectation of anything dodgy, then we would be happy to help.